About Us

Pushti Youth Organisation is a brain child of Param Pujya Goswami Shree Aashraykumarji Mahodayashree & Param Pujya Goswami Shree Sharnamkumarji Mahodayashree.

'Pushti' literally means healthy or possesor of all wealth.Wealth,not materialistic, but of knowledge and morals.

We define ''youth' as the power that can bring about revolutions, eliminate the ills in the society and build a world that is filled with peace,love and happiness.

So,PushtiYouth is a beautiful collection of 'wealthy' people striving towards a balanced world -the total harmony !!!

Vision & Mission

PushtiYouth ORGANISATION envisions a society where Every Individual is aware about the responsibilities and living in a harmonious society.Pushti Youth organtion is a platform that works on two different, but inter-related elements:

YOUTH :Youth is indespensable for the transformation that we are talking about.But this can only come through proper direction and awareness.We aim to unite the youth and make them cognizant about their responsibilities towards the society and world as a whole.We do not limit the title of 'youth' to a particular age group because we believe that it is the 'SPIRIT' that makes one a young & energetic soul and not the age.We endaevour to awaken the youth in you.

SOCIETY :The next step is to exploit and channelize the power and potential in every individual and uplift the disadvantaged sections of the society and thus contribute towards fulfilment of a desired state of life .Pusthi Youth organtion is the platform where the youth could work in a 3-step process:

  • Lights - Identify the issues prevalent in the society.
  • Reflection - Discuss different practical ideas given by the members and plan a strategy to eradicate the problems.
  • Action - Unleash the mustered energy and implement the plan.